Primera "preestrena" de la peli

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Primera "preestrena" de la peli

Entrada Autor: Padfoot »

Aquest cap de setmana a Chicago han fet una "preestrena" de la cinquena peli. No és la versió definitiva ni molt menys, falta retocar efectes especials, acabar de lligar la banda sonora, treure algunes escenes que després apareixen només al DVD i ja de pas arreglar alguna imatge si se'ls hi ha colat algun error com a l'escena del cementiri del Calze xD, etc.

Els de Leaky Cauldron tenen una descripció d'un dels nois que va assistir-hi i després el noi aquest ha anat contestant a diverses preguntes que li han anat fent els altres usuaris així que us ho copio tot perquè ens poguem anar fent una idea general del que ens trobarem quan anem a veure la peli.

Primer la seva descripció:
"Yesterday, Christmas came very late, as I was fortunate enough to attend an advance screening of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

As I duck the volley of butterbeers thrown my way, I have to say I was rather impressed. The version I saw was not a finished product in that some of the soundtrack and CGI hadn't been completed in time for the screening, but what you do get is a version of the movie that's about 85% complete. The dialog and final edits seem to be complete so you get a film that was easy to follow. The CGI that wasn't complete usually centered on creatures that were rendered as either animatics or rough versions of the finished product.

The movie opens with the audience being introduced to some of the Order of the Phoenix, including Tonks, who's being played by Natalia Tena, as they whisk Harry away to Grimmauld Place. All of the returning players did an excellent job with the script and have seemed to really settle into their characters. Their on-screen ease translates into a much more digestible storyline. And for the new cast members, among them, the ineffably delightful Imelda Staunton as Dolores Umbridge made the experience all the more delightful. Newcomer Evanna Lynch had a great turn as the eccentric Luna Lovegood. Her scenes with Harry had the audience chuckling. The biggest laugh of the film was also tied to Harry; however, it's what preceded this laugh that will have some of Daniel's fans swooning.

We see Harry's first kiss. In the room of requirement, after most of the members of Dumbledore's Army leave, he's left alone with Cho and she tells him how difficult it's been for her after Cedric died. They just sort of get closer and finish in a long kiss which he later relates, in comic detail, to Hermione and Ron in the common room.

It's clear throughout the movie that Harry is maturing and finding his place in this world where Voldemort has not only returned but has strengthened his numbers.

Maturity is a recurring theme for some of the other characters as well and everyone is beginning to take responsibility for their actions.

One more standout performance, that would be tragic if I didn't mention it, has to be Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix Lestrange. She is one of the three actresses who floated around in my head when I read the book. Her performance was over the top, but I quite expected it from her character.

All in all, the movie is a quick paced fun ride which is sure to wow audiences with the sharp visual effects and provide staunch literalists with a balanced story line. Director David Yates, who has mostly worked in television, has helmed a great movie. Condensing a book of near 900 pages into a film of tolerable length would be a challenge for any director, let alone one who's new to feature films.

Yes, there are deep cuts, but the heart of the story is faithfully represented. Hopefully, the built in fan base, who can be rabid and quite militant at times, will appreciate this movie and for new fans (obviously living under a rock for the last decade) of the series it will serve as an explosive introduction. I will be in line to see the finished product many, many, times.

RATING ***1/2
Runtime is approximately 140 minutes or 2:20."
- Dementors?
- Yes, there were dementors, but they took a slightly different form than in POA. They look skeletal.
-I didn't know Harry's first kiss is supposed to be funny

- The kiss isn't funny, it's the description to Ron and Hermione by Harry when posed the question of how it went that was hilarious.
-What was Natalie Tena like as Tonks? How much was she in it? Just a little bit? Was there any Tonks/Lupin interaction?

- Natalie was great and funny, although she didn't have much screen time. There was no discernable Tonks/Lupin interaction.
-How was the battle at the ministry? Did Hermione get hit with that curse? How was Dumbledore in the fight with Voldemort? Was he calm?

-The battle at the ministry was great. Very suspenseful due to the setting; you'll understand, when you see the movie what I mean. No curse whirled Hermione's way. Dumbledore was ever the consumate wizard, calm and inventive to say the least
- You mention that the movie began with the Advance Guard, but we've seen stills from scenes relating to the dementor attack in Privet Drive, so how is that dealt with?

- Harry produces his patronus and knocks the dementors out, leading to his trial at the Ministry
-You also mentioned "deep cuts", which we all expect, but (in your opinion) did they cut enough to keep it from feeling like a $300 million dollar slide show like Goblet of Fire? I personally felt like everything in GoF was dealt with at light-speed, but how would you say the pacing feels in relation to Movie 4?

I have to say, the movie moves quite quickly, but I think they learned their lesson from the brief treatment they gave scene like the Q'ich world cup. The scenes we are treated to last as long as they are relevant. The cuts come from the ancillary stories which float throughout the book, but don't really move the story forward.
-I'm sorry, but I don't feel like I've been told anything. Exactly what in that "review" would be considered a spoiler?

Well, I am trying not to reveal too much as many fans would rather 'go in cold' and not know anything. The fact we've all read the book inherently means we can't really be 'spoiled' by what is put up on-screen. I will say this, there aren't any scenes which you would say were 'invented' for the movie. Everything I saw corresponded to something in the book.
-First things first... as a huge Rupert fan, I'm curious as to how you received Ron's scenes? Funny as always? Any standout scenes? I miss that he doesn't get the chance to do dramatic scenes. He'd have had the chance had they not cut out quidditch. :(

-And then I have to ask about Ron and Hermione. Was it subtle? The book tends to be very subtle with them, but I know Matt Lewis said there was a lot. Was there in your opinion?

Ron was, sadly, a minor part of the movie. This film centers on Harry and the DA as a whole. A theme of the movie is teamwork and that is exactly what we see. There is very little row amongst the students save for a scene between Seamus and Harry, but Ron comes to his aid and all is forgotten. Rupert is funny as always in few scenes, but, alas as you say nothing dramatic for him to sink his teeth into.

Ron and Hermione. Subtle and constant tension between the two. They are both becoming excellent actors and have played the scenes very well. The little gestures and looks between them connote their forshadowed relationship very well. There you go, shippers.
-Ohh, and how was the Black Family Tapestry???

The Black family tapestry is indeed in the movie, however, some of the CGI behind it wasn't completed and some of what I saw was green screen. It is rather lush and detailed though as Sirius explains to Harry what it is and why he's got a spot over his name.
-and how about grawp? did you get to see him? What's his role like? Never found a real attraction to that chapter in the book... I usually skip it if I don't feel like a detailed reread.

Grawp makes his appearance and has a role in saving the kids from Umbridge, but, mercifully (as I am in your camp concering this character) his screen time is minimal.
- What about Umbridge?

- Imelda plays the part, as I've said before, like a cobra wrapped in a silk blanket. She's mean, but it just bubbles up here and there. She is just the right amount of cruel.
- I have only one question, which is: what did Umbridge have Harry write on his hand? Is it really "I will not break rules"? Or did they end up going with the book and have him write "I must not tell lies"?? And if it is "I must not break rules" did it seem childish or did they make it work???

- She made him write, "I must not tell lies". And it's a brutal scene. Some of the younger kids in the audience were wincing as were some adults. The entire DA is subjected to this later in the movie, except Cho.
-How were the politics dealt with in the movie? Did you feel like the government was putting pressure on Hogwarts? Oh, and how was the scene where Dumbledore escapes?

The Ministry is seen as a bit totalitarian in scope and it seems that the Minister is portrayed as a bit of a dictator with Umbridge as his right hand. Dubledore's escape was spectacular, that's all I'm going to say about it.
would you say, that to fans, the Ootf movie is more or less disappointing than Gof? Should I have high or low hopes? I definetly don't want to expect more when there's less. I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks.

It will be significantly less disappointing to fans. I think your hopes won't be dashed when you see this film. In the forums I have posted on adaptation of book to film. It pretty much covers my thoughts on the subject. See Argent Scrim's Film Emporium Forum, under Order of the Phoenix Test Screening. Thanks.
-Any foreshadowing between Harry and Ginny?

Very little, they share a look between them that 'book' fans will catch, but regular fans of the films won't get the foreshadowing.
-I am EXTREMELY curious, is the part with Twins and busting out of Hogwarts from the great hall flying on their brooms in the movie? Because if not, i would be devastated as that is my favorite part of all the books.

Yes. That scene is in the movie, but sadly it doesn't feature the swamp spell they cast. But it is one of the more memorable scenes in the movie. Incredible effects.
-So, the question is: what are Ron and Hermione gonna be doing while the DD/Vold./Harry fight?

They are being held by Deatheaters as they weren't as successful in the fight as you'd hope.
Tell me they didnt cut the scene where harry throws and shouts at dumbledores office? Oh and please tell me that was heartbreaking .. tell me that Dan improved a lot ! please

They didn't. It's a powerful scene and Dan's acting (as have most of the younger regular cast) has vastly improved. It isn't as heartbreaking as you may think. The book causes you to empathise with Harry, but Daniel can only do so much. It was a good scene, though.
-What exactly is shown with all of the Privet Drive stuff? How long are the Dursleys in the film? Does it begin with them?

Dudley's gang (which are quite hilarioius when you come from the West-side of Chicago) confront Harry on the playground. It kinda feels like a scene out of Training day at first, 'cause London for some reason has a heatwave going on and all the grass is dry. The Dursley's are in the film the requisite 10-15 min. necessary, then Moody and co. come to take Harry to Grimmauld.
-I would like to ask if there's at least any scenes referring to quidditch -- that connects Ron to becoming the new goal-keeper. Is there really no Hermione giving Ron a kiss?

No and no, sadly.
-Secondly, I have a question for you. I am a very big Remus Lupin fan, did he have much screen time at all?

Very little, I'm sorry. I was so hoping there'd be a little about him and Tonks, but alas, it was not to be.
-On Bellatrix what is her part like at the end before the duel with Dumbledore and Voldemort? How does she interact with Voldemort and Harry?

She doesn't interact with Harry too much and she just sort of hisses at Neville when everyone faces off with eachother. She's mean, no doubt, and let's Neville know she's #1 on her list.
- Was Mr. Weasley's attack in the movie? A yes or no will be fine for me. I just want to know.

-What were the DA lessons like? Do we get to see pairs duel?

- The lessons begin awkwardly, then with everyone gaining confidence in their abilities, including the little shutterbug kid (sorry can't remember his name right now, moving too fast) you start to see progress. The DA lesson scenes were some of the most memorable in the movie. Yes, there are duels in the film, but ONE in particular is going to blow up the forums.
-And you also said that we get the post-H/C kiss scene where Harry describes it, does that mean we also get the 'emotionl range of a teaspoon'scene?

Yes, it's a very funny line delivered with perfect comedic timing by Emma.
-I want to know if the Dudley/Dementors/Dursleys scene is like the book. I am dying to see that

It's fairly accurate, as I remember it in the book.
-1. Was the particular person's death whom I shall not name dramatic and well acted?
2. Is there a trip to St. Mungo's?
3. Is there the spinning entrance room with floating candles in the DoM?
4. Did Sirius have more screen time than in PoA and GoF? THANKS SO MUCH!! :)

Yes and yes. No, I was hoping to see St. Mungo's as well. N/A. Yes, much more and quality time too.
please, what were Ron, Hermione, Luna and Neville doing in the last fight scene?

Being held by Deatheaters. You didn't think they were going to overcome wizards with so much more experience, did you? They hold their own for a while, but, you know.
-So Tonks hair DOES change color? There has been much debate on that.

I don't remember it changing. But, her appearance changes when she's sitting down at the dinner table, morphing between different animal visages.
-How are the relationships in the movie? I don't mean the romantic ones. Like how was Harry's relationship with Dumbledore, Ron and Hermione, and Sirius?

They reflect his maturing and growing independence from them. With Dumbledore's distancing himself from Harry (for his own sake) we see that Harry realizes he has got to learn to make decision on his own and that the time for him to have a mentor constantly around to monitor those decision is passing. The trio dynamic doesn't manifest itself as well as we'd like to see. Harry is viewed as a leader, so Ron and Hermione rarely challenge him and fall into more submissive roles than were used to. As for with Sirius, he's Harry's only connection to his family and he treasures his relationship with him. Sirius seems to be the only one Harry won't contradict as well. Their interaction, while active throughout the film, doesn't bode well for Harry, psychologically speaking in the climax of the movie. Oh the humanity at the end.
Were there any scenes you thought were boring or ran too long? Any details you thought should have been cut?

I'm pretty concerned about the ending. Did they handle all the exposition well in Dumbledore's office?

Well, since you asked. If I were going to trim some fat out of the movie, I'd cut some of Hagrid introducing the trio to his brother, but he does play a key role in dispatching Umbridge. It could have played a little faster in those scenes. They handled the exposition well in the office but it does come at you rather quickly. To the non-book readers out there (all two of you), you better get a Cliff's notes version of OotP. LOL
-In Snape's Worst Memory, does Lily stick up for Snape after James and Sirius start teasing him and does Snape call her a mudblood?

Never happend. Sorry.
I read on IMDB that the scene where AD and V fights is really good, plus the whole possesion of Harry's body was very well done and very well acted.

YES. It's no Vader-Kenobi in EpIII, but magically speaking, it rocks the house. So inventive, those two and the visuals are great. It's easy to see where the money went. The possession of Harry was, indeed, well acted. Daniel has come along way from whence he uttered, in an unbelievable lilt, "Give that back, Malfoy!" Harry's possession is very real and that's saying something considering there isn't much going on visually to aid Daniel.
-How was the reaction of Harry when he find out that Cho was the snich?

Everyone files past her as they come out of Umbridges concentration camp classroom with Harry being the last and he walks right past her. No stealing glance, no ounce of recognition. It was very cold. I felt bad for Cho, since she didn't snitch on purpose.
Is Ron still made a coward in this movie? Does he have some action? Do we get to see any jealousy about Krum or any outward affection between Ron and Hermione?

No. Ron is definately more confident than he was in the past. Ron would say, Krum Who? No PDA's between R/H. Sorry shippers.
-neville/hospital when he see's his parents?? i take it that did NOT make the final cut??? :(

Nope. Into the ether it went.
-is Aunt Petunia's howler in it? If it is, was it as "mysterious" on screen as it was in the book? Thanks again!

No, sorry. No mysteries with the Dursleys, only exposition to a side of them I'd thought I'd never see given Surrey's climate.
-How did Harry know about the Room of Requirements? And was Cho the snake? Did they actually make snake-tirck thingy on her face?
-Did Mrs. Weasley's boggart make it?
-I take it there's no St. Mungo's, so no Neville with his parents? :(
-And lastly: How many times did they make Ron make the infamous film!Ron-funny-scared-stupid face?! :(

Room of requirement discovered by Neville and explained by Hermione, of course. No snake 'thingy' as you say. No boggart to speak of. No Mungo's. Surprisingly, NONE!.
-Do the Maruaders look how you imagined when reading the books?
-From 1-10 (1 being the worst, 10 being the best), how would you rate Snape's Worst Memory in the film?

Sort of, I always imagined this little motley crew of kinda outlaws and that's what they looked like. I just didn't expect them to vary in age and appearance so much. BTW..BONUS, BONUS! Wait 'til you see Moody on a broom! I'd rate it a 7. It could have been longer.
-1)Is the line "You know minister, I disagree with Dumbledore on many counts, but you cannot deny hes got style" in the film?
2)I know they were rough special effects, but from what you could see, were the fireworks in the film as they descrived in the book? With dragons and spinning wheels, and curse words in the sky, from what we saw in the trailer, they just look like mini normal fireworks.
3)Do they show the twins trying to sell their merchandise to students, and when the leave do they tell them to visit their premises?
4)I know rita has been cut, but is it ture they dont have Luna or her father write the quibbler article that tells Harrys side of the story?

Yes, indeed it is and to the great delight of the audience. it got a big laugh. Yes, the trailer only showed you the beginning of that scene. It starts out small, but gets ridiculous! Yes, they sell some of their wares, but Umbridge halts that. No, no quibbler article, but you do see her reading a copy ofthe quibbler when we first see her in the carriage being pulled by the thestral.
-1. What do think was the best part of the movie (Dumbledore's Army, Fred and George Escape, etc..)
2. Which scene did you find most FAITHFUL to the book.
3. Does Ginny get more screen time, she is such a cool character and she DESERVES to be on the screen.
4. Does the movie try people the Harry/Ginny relationship for next movie? It's going to be important for HBP, and when she marries Harry in Deathly Hallows, the movie will have to explain it to non-HP fans.

The climactic scene at the end in the Ministry of Magic. The arrival at hogwarts with Luna seemed in mind to be the most faithful to the book (again, my opinion). Ginny doesn't get more screen time, but she is seen as powerful as she demonstrates in the DA lessons. No, no overt H/G shipping is implied or expressed other than a little glance at the end of a scene.
-Did they have Hermione writing the letter to Krum? Also, while we're on Hermione do they have the part in Umbridge's class where Umbridge wants them to read and Hermione's already read the whole book?
Whose idea is it to start the DA? And how was the scene in the Hog's Head?

It's a Krum-free zone, sorry. Nope, she doesn't challenge her that way, but she does challenge her authority. The DA results from Ron and Hermione telling Harry that they have to learn how to defend themselves. At the Hog's head, we get to see Abelforth for a quick second AND one of his goats, LOL! The scene there was great, the whole team committing to the DA, even Collin! I just remembered his name, sorry about that earlier.
-"Yes, there are deep cuts"? Like what?? I need to know what's not there so I won't be so sorely disappointed when it comes out!

There are too many to list. I can't even give an example. First, because I haven't read the book in over a year, and secondly because it's a 900 page book condensed into a 140 min. movie. One page of screenplay = approximately 1 min. of screen time. You do the long division to find the ratio of what was cut out.
-Do we know if Ron and Hermione are Prefects?
Also, what role does Draco have in the film?

No, it's never mentioned. Draco is Umbridge's lackey in the anti-DA organization. I don't recall it's name. I apologize.
-How long approx was Snape's Worst Memory?
And was there much interaction between Snape and Lily? Do we see the grey underpants? XP

3-4 Min, tops. None that I recall, no grey underpants seen. Just hanging up in the tree.
-How do fred and george explain how they got the money for their jokeshop? Is it even in it?

No jokeshop, no explanation necessary.
-does Harry and Hermione go with Umbridge to the forest or there are other students with them...

Just those three.
-does Harry and Hermione go with Umbridge to the forest or there are other students with them...

Just those three.
how was the Dumbledore and Voldermort wizard duel scenes near the end of the movie? Were they a nice reflection of the book's version?

Yes, the scene is lush with visuals and a fair representation of what I remember being in the book. The scene doesn't drag and is done intelligently. You have to remember, these are the Director's concept of what the book was trying to connote. If it did so or not, will be the opinion-makers' charge. In my opinion, he did a splendid job of telling the story in the book. I could be wrong, but my 30+ years of watching and 2 years of (failed, so far) writing them tells me I saw a great film. That's all I can offer.
1. If they've cut the Quibbler, then what's their explanation for Harry writing lines?
2. Does Luna ever wear her lion hat? What is Luna like in general? Is Evanna as awesome as we've hoped?
3. Who was the best new character?
4. Is Kreacher there? How big of a part does he play?

Harry is writing lines for his claims about Voldemort in Umbridge's class. No Lion hat. Luna, is great. She's kooky and has this eccentric feel to her. Evanna is wonderful, during the brief moments she's on-screen.Kreacher is featured and is just the jerk you hope he is. I didn't see his final rendered form, but he was like Dobby, but a little more sinister.
s the Pesnsieve scene "Snape´s Worst Memory" as cruel as in the books or easier to bear?

Much easier to bear. In the book it was excrutiatingly humiliating. There's little of that conveyed in the film.
-I wanted to know if Ron ends up with his brain scars in the end or even gets attacked by the brains. Also how is the relationship between Ron and Hermione in this film?

No brain scars, never happens. They are sailing on the H.M.S. Platonic. Sorry shippers.
-Also you mentioned 'Colin' earlier. Has he returned in the film? Or you do mean 'Nigel' who they brought in randomly in the 4th film? How about class time? How many are in the 5th film, and which lessons are they? Is flitwick still different from the 1st two films? Now he looks so different! And what teachers were shown in the film? In the 4th film I found the script very 'awkward'. Has it improved? Last of all, I noticed in the 4th film there wern't actually many spells, but just hand movements with the wand, how is it now in OOTP?

My bad. You are correct. It is Nigel. Very little class time, only with Umbridge and specifically the O.W.L.'s are discussed and what is necessary to pass them. Yes, he's still different. Very few teachers besides, McGonagal, Umbridge, and Trelawney (who has a nice dramatic turn). Yes, the script seems to be much more polished than last time. It's a mixture of both, when they are learning the spells, they are saying them all the time, but when they meet Deatheaters in the Ministry, they don't utter them all the time. Perplexing if you know the canon as they never touch on not enunciating the incantation.

Mini resum ràpid del que m'enrecordo mentre he anat copiant: no surt l'entrevista de la Rita que després publica el pare de la Luna, en Neville és qui descobreix la sala de la necessitat, com ja es preveia la part de St Mungos se la salten (no veurem els pares d'en Neville) tot i que ha dit que l'atac al Sr Weasley si que es produia i sembla que la batalla al ministeri la canvien una mica perquè ha dit diverses vegades que en Ron, l'Hermione, la Luna i la resta (excepte en Harry) estaven sent retinguts pels cavallers de la mort enlloc d'estar lluitant..
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Re: Primera "preestrena" de la peli

Entrada Autor: ralau »

joaz mho he llegit toot n__n

pel k sembla te bona pinta :D dona molta informacio de la peli i ens podem fer una idea. almenys te mes pinta de ser fidel a la peli, encara k se salten bons moments (jo! volia veure els calçotets de l'snape de jove kuan esta bocavall xDDD)

una cosa:
4. Does the movie try people the Harry/Ginny relationship for next movie? It's going to be important for HBP, and when she marries Harry in Deathly Hallows, the movie will have to explain it to non-HP fans.

The climactic scene at the end in the Ministry of Magic. The arrival at hogwarts with Luna seemed in mind to be the most faithful to the book (again, my opinion). Ginny doesn't get more screen time, but she is seen as powerful as she demonstrates in the DA lessons. No, no overt H/G shipping is implied or expressed other than a little glance at the end of a scene.
Nho sembla a mi o la pregunta diu k al HP7 la Ginny i el Harry es casen??!!!! o__O''
No es oro todo lo que brilla... emocion, intriga, dolor de barriga!!

Ralau ve de laura...sí,soc una noia xD
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Membre d'Honor de la Conselleria
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Entrada Autor: Padfoot »

Si que diu això la pregunta...sempre hi ha fans que es fan les seves propies paranoies abans d'haver llegit el llibre :roll:

Aquí teniu una altra descripció d'algú que la va anar a veure:

No l'he posada copiada sencera aquí perquè no ens informa de res especial referent a escenes eliminades/canviades. És d'un noi que no s'ha llegit els llibres per tan es limita a comentar què tal ho fan els actors segons la seva opinió i una mica dels efectes especials....
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Entrada Autor: Aralforn »

Genial! He vist la crítica a una web de cinema anglesa i he vingut aquí corrents a comentar-ho; ja SABIA que algú l'hauria penjada!


Només volia dir que no he sabut trobar res referent a la "caiguda" d'en Sírius darrera el teló... QUEDA CLAR, què passa allà? O deixa lloc a tants dubtes com passa amb els lectors dels llibres?

A veure què més en diuen... Vaig a llegir més reviews.

"L'etern aprenent d'aventurer sota un cel d'acer"
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No ho he llegit tot perquè aguanto poc llegint en anglès i entenent-lo (llegint en anglès em puc passar hores... després no em preguntis que he llegit...)

Bueno... podia haver estat pitjor... el que he llegit em sembla bé, però jo volia veure als pares del Neville i si podia ser al Decors per allà al mig!!! Ja sé perquè no els fan sortir... haurien de pagar dos o tres actors més xD
Sempre ACLEE!!!

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Entrada Autor: Padfoot »

Els del Leaky han fet un resum de totes les respostes a preguntes que ha contestat el noi aquell fins ara i la cosa queda d'aquesta manera:
-The Dementors are more skeletal than in PoA
- Dudley's gang (“which are quite hilarious when you come from the West side of Chicago") confronts Harry on the playground. The grass is dry (as there's a drought in the books). The Dursleys are in the film for 10-15 mins, then Moody etc come to take Harry to Grimmauld.
- Harry does have his "shouting and throwing" scene in Dumbledore's office. "It's a powerful scene and Dan's acting (as have most of the younger regular cast) has vastly improved. It isn't as heartbreaking as you may think. The book causes you to empathise with Harry, but Daniel can only do so much.
- Occlumency is done using quick editing and flashback, with quick but not lumpy or saturated looks.
- Ron and Hermione are being held by DeathEaters during the DD/Vold/Harry fight.
- The twins do bust out of Hogwarts like in the book, but they don't cast the swamp spell. "It is one of the more memorable scenes in the movie. Incredible effects."
- Very little foreshadowing between Harry and Ginny - they share a look that book fans will recognize and appreciate.
- Carlos says the film will be "less disappointing to fans" than others.
- The Ministry is portrayed as totalitarian, with the Minister as a bit of a dictator and Umbridge as his right hand.
- Dumbledore's escape was spectacular.
- Harry writes "I must not tell lies" on his hand, and it's a "brutal" scene. The entire DA is subjected to this later in the movie, except Cho.
- Imelda is "just the right amount of cruel."
- Grawp has a role in saving the kids from Umbridge. His screen time is minimal.
- The Black family tapestry is "lush and detailed" as Sirius explains it to Harry.
- Ron is minor in the movie.
- The film centers on Harry and the DA on the whole.
- The Seamus and Harry fight is in the film, but not very big - just more of an arugment. Ron comes to Harry's aid and all is forgotten.
- Ron and Hermione: subtle and constant tension, a little foreshadowing in looks and actions.
- There aren't any "invented" scenes; it's all from the book.
- The movie moves quickly, but the scenes last as long as they are relevant.
- Harry produces his patronus to knock the dementors out at the beginning, leading to his trial at the Ministry.
- Dumbledore was "calm and inventive" during the Voldy battle, which was "great"; no curse whirled Herimone's way.
- Natalia Tena as Tonks was "great and funny," and there was no real Tonks/Lupin interaction.
- Harry's kiss isn't actually funny; it's the description later that is.
- On the cinematogrpaphy: "This film feels, cinematically, like a film from the 50's filmed in Cinema-Scope. A wide aspect ratio with tons of shots that have a lot of movement in them. The kind of thing that will be killed in P/S format on television. The scenes with the DA are all wide with few closeups so we can see everyone practicing. The walls are mirrored so it gives you the sense of a dance studio/martial arts training center. It makes for a great visual. Versus the other films, it's more like the first one. I don't know if Yates' stamp will be apparent, as I understood this is his first feature."
- Ron, Hermione, Luna and Neville are held by Death Eaters during the last battle.
- The death is well acted and well shot
- There is no St. Mungo's
- Sirius has a lot more screen time.
- The DA lessons "begin awkwardly," and are among the most memorable. One particular duel is going to "blow up the forums" (relating to shipping - as Emma Watson has said in the past that at one point she pins Ron against a wall, this is probably that duel).
- Mr. Weasley's attack is in the film.
- Bellatrix is "mean, no doubt, and lets Neville know he's #1 on her list." She doesn't interact with Harry much.
- No Quidditch, and no kiss from Hermione to Ron.
- Ron and Hermione have roughly the same amount of screen time.
- The "I disagree with Dumbledore on many counts..." line is in the film and is a great crowd pleaser.
- The Weasley antics are huge and bright, just like in the book
- The twins do sell their wares in the film.
- No Quibbler article, but Luna is reading it in the carriage pulled by the Thestral.
- On Emma: "Emma is a consumate professional which is to say that she's picking up all the good acting habits from the fabulous talent and hundreds of years of combined experience from the actors on set. I wouldn't be surprised to see Emma break out and become a real movie star in the future. She's got the chops and you don't just develop that over time. Don't be surprised to see her at the Academy Awards some day. When she's done with the potter series, you'll be amazed at what she is capable of. I really mean this."
- Moody's broom is supposed to be fun/funny
- The Room of Requirement is discovered by Neville and explained by Hermione. No boggart. Ron never makes the film!Ron scared-face.
- Aunt Petunia's Howler is not in the film.
- Ron is more confident than in the past.
- Cho is the snitch, but she was Vertiaserumed into it. Though Harry gives her a very cold look.
- The DD/V fight "rocks the house"
- The possession of Harry by Voldemort is in the film and supposedly very well acted.
- Lily does not stick up for Snape in the Worst Memory part.
- Hagrid speaks only a little bit about where he's been, and his brother.
- The film reflects on Harry's growing independence from the adults in his life.
- Harry acts as a leader, with Ron and Hermione more like sidekicks than in other films.
- Sirius seems to be the only person Harry won't contradict.
- The "Snape's Worst Memory" scene is "much easier to bear" than in the books; it's not as humiliating in the film. It's 3 or 4 minutes long. No underpants, just hanging in the tree.
- No lion hat on Luna.
- Kreacher is featured and is a big jerk (lol). He's a sinister Dobby.
- Draco isn't in the film much, though he does well when he's there.
- Harry and Hermione go with Umbridge to the forest, as in the book.
- The jokeshop isn't explained; it's not necessary to do so.
- Prefects are not appointed as in the book; the appointments are not mentioned.
- Draco is Umbridge's lackey in the Inquisitorial Squad.
- "The Weasleys are the script's whipping posts."
- Hermione instead of Ginny introduces Luna. Ginny has very few lines, but does cast some spells, and is shown to be powerful.
- It's a "Krum-free zone"
- Hermione doesn't challenge Umbridge in the same way as the book, but does challenge her.
- Ron and Hermione prompt Harry to start the DA.
- Aberforth is in the film for a quick second as is one of his goats.
- Flitwick is still the "new" Flitwick from movie four.
- There are very few teachers shown, besides McGonagall, Umbridge and Trelawney
- Cho does not get "sneak" on her face.
- Gary Oldman's performance is subdued, as in PoA.
- No Phineas (though his line is in the Dumbledore escape scene)
- Ginny's patronus seems to be a phoenix; Luna's is a hare. (NOTE: The film people would never make this up; there's a 99% chance this is canon approved by Jo.)
- No Mundungus
- Black family tapestry is enormous
- Remus still has the moustache
- No "lucky you" from Ginny, no chocolate in the library scene
- Dumbledore says "I wonder how you'll catch me" to the Ministry official, then grabs Fawkes and disappears.
- The ending is not cheery.
- Kreacher is in two scenes
- Harry gets angry at Dumbledore for him not looking his way, and it elicits a surprised response from Dumbledore
- Dumbledore insists on Occlumency right away.
- Molly is very cheerry
- Percy is in the film, but his fights with his family aren't highlighted
- Harry ignores Cho for the whole film after she is the sneak; the whole DA gets detention.
- The focus in the Marauders scene is on James and Snape.
- The worst memory scene is NOT a Pensive scene; it's Harry practicing Occlumency and getting into Snape's mind. Snape stops the lessons because of things.
- DD does call Voldemort Tom, which angers him.
- The statues don't protect Harry, he is just pinned to the wall.
- Voldemort smashes glass to throw at DD and Harry, which DD blocks.
- DD helps Harry being possessed by reminding him of the differences between him and Voldemort.
- No brain room or locked room, but the Prophecy Room and Veil Room are there; in the veil room, Harry, Luna, Neville (and perhaps Ginny) are drawn to it, and Ron and Hermione aren't.
- Harry does attempt Cruciatus and fails. Voldemort tells him how he has to mean it.
- Professor Grubby Planks has a cameo in the film, at the beginning feast.
- The Christmas at Grimmauld is there but brief.
- The last line is about having "something worth fighting for," with the sextet going home for the summer.
- Right now the running time stands at two hours, thirty minutes.

No em posaré a traduir-ho tot perquè m’hi puc morir, us poso només les coses que canvien més o menys respecte al llibre, lo altre o no es comenta o és igual que la versió escrita :P

Codi: Selecciona’ls tots

No surt la Marietta, la Xo és la culpable de que els pillin però no es xiva sino que han de fer servir Veritaserum, però en Harry s’hi enfada igual xD

No apareix en Dobby, i és en Neville qui descobreix la sala de la necessitat.

La Petunia no rep cap mussol d’en Dumbledore...

La Lily no defensa l’Snape.

No es parla de la botiga dels bessons

No es parla del tema de delegats, ni en Harry capità de l’equip de Quidditch i tot això.

No apareix en Mundungus (i al sisè llibre què?? Robarà el Horcrux de casa d’en Sirius sense que la gent sapigui qui és? xDD)

En Harry no fa el xafarder al pensiu de l’Snape sinò que veu els Rondadors mentre fa classes d’Oclumància amb l’Snape (això fa que sembli que és més bo del que realment resulta ser xD)

Les estatues de la conselleria no protegeixen en Harry.

No apareix la sala amb els cervells, ni la sala que no poden obrir de cap manera.

L’Hermione, en Ron, en Neville i la Luna són retinguts per Cavallers de la mort mentre hi ha la lluita Harry-Dumbledore-Voldemort.

La fugida dels bessons és espectacular, però no es veu el pantà xD

No apareix l’hospital de St Mungo (ni els pares d’en Neville ni en Decors) però si que el Sr Weasley és atacat.

Res de Quidditch

El patronus de la Ginny és semblant a un Fènix i el de la Luna una llebre. (si no m’equivoco això al llibre no surt...o s’ho han tret de la màniga completament o la Rowling ha supervisat una mica el guió :wink:)
Ah i l'únic que he trobat fins ara referent a la mort d'en Sirius és
The death is well acted and well shot... :roll:
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Entrada Autor: Finalpotter »

Pels que fa un temps que corren per aquí ja saben que només comentaré les coses que han traduït, pels qui no ho sabien ara ja sabeu que el meu nivell d'anglès és molt alt :roll:

Hi ha alguns canvis (a traïció de la Xo, la no aparició d'en Dobby i d'en Mundungu, entre altres) que no em convencen gens. Tot i que hi ha coses que pinten bé (com ha de ser) com la fugida dels bessons. Les altres coses que han canviat (en Harry hauria de fer pena en oclumència) espero que quedin bé i que no destrossin gaire l'original.

Per cert, si no apareix la Lily defensant l'Snape s'ha d'entendre que no té importància penseu que la Rowling al supervisar el guió (si és que li deixen fer-ho tan com vulgui) hauria dit que fiquessin aquesta escena si fos important en l'últim llibre com va fer en la tercera peli al prohibir la col·locació d'un cementiri.
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Entrada Autor: hermioneg123 »

en Neville qui descobreix la sala de la necessitat.
En Neville descobrint la Sala de la Necessitat?! :o 8O
ni en Harry capità de l’equip de Quidditch
apa i llavors com entrarà en Ron a l'equip si no hi ha capità?
Res de Quidditch
no cantaran la cançó den Wesley és el milllor :evil: xD Tampoc no expulsaran en Harry i els Bessons de l'equip ni res :(
RESUMs'han carregat mitja peli i l'altre meitat se l'han inventat
espero que ho arreglin, si no quedarà una peli pitjor que la d'Eragon :no

PD:I hi ha algu d'en Kreacher?
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Entrada Autor: lyly »

`pos vaya no :evil: ques aixo de no fer sortir quidditch ni st muggo ni doby esq em podria passar molta estona escrivint ni...,ni...., pro ques aixo saveu quan durara la peli esq si dura 2:30 h encara i poden posar mitja ora mes com a minim ningu no els dira res! jajaja
be suposo q o an fet tan be com an pogut pero aquestes coses de canviar el llibre, una cosa es q no surtin les coses i laltre es que les canviin a plaer! :x :avall :bonk: :crash: :no :fork: :atontat :explosion: :police: :jawdrop: :bonk: :avall
i es van fer un peto
final romantic d'una historia d'amor

tot i que no sol ser aixi a la vida real
Galad McGonagall
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Entrada Autor: Galad McGonagall »

A mi també em fa molta ràbia!!! Segur que deuen haver possat coses molt poc importants i les que realment interessen se les salten.

El quidditch mira sempre serà practicment igual així que...
Però San Mungo, els pares d'en Neville, les lluites de l'Hermione, el Ron, la Luna i en Neville.... Tu goita que són moltes coses les que han tret eh!!

Espero que la resta de la peli sigui realment bona perquè sinó.... Ja em sentiran!!!
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Ubicació: cridant al Sirius davant la cortina...

Entrada Autor: jeanne »

A mi hem feia molta ilu veure San Mungo...Sempre fan el mateix treuen coses importants!
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Entrada Autor: Padfoot »

Un altre resum, aquest cop a Mugglenet:
The first thing I loved was the alleyway where Dudley and Harry run into. I had imagined the setting to be something more like Oliver Twist-ish (brick buildings, trash) but really it was like walls with graffiti and looked very urban and normal... I loved it... it fit with the mood excellently.

Mrs. Figg is the CUTEST old lady!

Lupin did not come to the rescue with the rest of The Advance Guard.

They flew through the city of London when they were going to Grimmauld Place. Obviously in the book they don't fly that low because Muggles would see them... cinematic effect obviously.

Oh I hated this. Instead of the little piece of paper Harry had to read in order for the house to appear, it appeared because Mad-Eye hit his stick a few times.

THE WHOLE being prefect subplot was cut. VERY disappointed in that actually.

The Ministry of Magic looks nothing short of AMAZING... it was beautiful.

You barely see Draco in the movie. He does do the whole Umbridge thing and he talks like once.

No hospital scene, so you never meet the Longbottom parents... Neville just tells Harry what happened.

OWLs were not as serious.

Dumbledore's Army stuff was AWESOME! They had this funny montage, it was soooo GREAT.

The Trelawney kick-out scene was really sad. Emma Thompson did a great job being sad and hurt... oh it was good.

THE KISS - it wasn't just a kiss, it was a full-fledged MAKE OUT session... and even though in the movie they said she was crying, you didn't see her crying.

ANOTHER BIG CHANGE - Cho is the one who tattled on the DA, not her friend... and that's the reason why her and Harry broke up... No Cho getting jealous just falling apart thing like in the book... The scene with Rita Sweeter wasn't even in the movie.

No swamp in the school when Fred and George did their big exit, but the exit was STILL really awesome.

They never mention Ginny and her boyfriends... which kind of sucks when that plays kind of a big role in the sixth book.

They never mention that Firenze became the new Divination teacher.

Luna is totally awesome, she did a really good job.

The end scene of the battle left something to be desired... people who haven't read the book might get confused why Sirius fell through the veil and Harry was sad... it was hard to understand why he died. Also the other kids really didn't fight that much and no one got hurt.

All the kids heard the prophecy before it crashed (and it crashed out of Lucius's hand). It also didn't have the whole born in July, thrice defied thing.

It had some really funny parts. It was a lot less serious than the book was.
Coses noves que no haguem dit encara...

Per poder entrar a casa en Sirius, enlloc de llegir el nom en un paper...en Murri dona cops amb el seu bastó xDDD :roll: :roll:

No es parla de que en Firenze sigui el nou professor un cop feta fora la Trelawney. Ja s'espavilarà el director de la sisena per fer-ho quadrar xD

No es parla dels novios de la sisè ves a saber què s'inventaran xD

Com ja haviem dit no apareixen els pares d'en Neville a l'hospital, però en Neville explica què va passar a en Harry...(s'ho ha callat desde que es van conèixer i ara li explica així com així? O_o )

Diu que la gent que no s'ha llegit el llibre pot ser que no entenguin massa la mort d'en mare què deuen haver fet xD

I finalment, tots els "nois" (això deu incloure en Ron, en Neville, l'Hermione i la Ginny) senten la profecia abans de que es trenqui a les mans d'en Lucius i que no conté tot lo de "Va nèixer al juny, van desafiar-lo tres vegades..." Què vol dir això?? S'han inventat una nova profecia? A més l'han sentida tots? Què els hi costava que només la sentís en Harry i que fos l'autentica?? :evil:
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Entrada Autor: Finalpotter »

Fragment de la jornada laboral dels guionistes de la peli:

A: Tu, la cançó del Weasley és el millor la poso?
B: No sé, això ens faria escriure uns cinc minuts de guió i aavisar al compositor. Tira una moneda; cara ho fiques, creus t'ho saltes.
A: Perfecte.

(Es tira un moneda i surt creu)

B: Mira: creu, no cal que escriguis res d'això.
A: T'agrada l'escena de la profecia?
B: No, l'haurien d'escoltar tots, molaria més.
A: Tens raó, bah, la sentiran tots, ningú s'adonarà d'aquest petit canvi.

:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Amb l'últim resum ja es veu la gran fidelitat que tindrà...
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Entrada Autor: Padfoot »

Han seguit apareixent resums i noves explicacions...passo ja de copiar parrafots en anglès i poso només el que han dit de nou sobre les diferències/canvis respecte el llibre:

- Al final de tot, en la conversa Luna-Harry, no li explica res sobre la seva mare, ni que pensa que puguin trobar-se darrere del vel. Quan estan a la sala del vel ningú comenta res de sentir veus ni res d'extrany. Tampoc apareix en Nick en tota la peli, per tan en Harry no va a preguntar-li sobre la possibilitat de que en Sirius es convertís en fantasma.

- En Harry no té el somni sobre en Rookwood i en Voldemort.

- Mentre són a casa en Sirius no es veu en cap moment ni s'anomena per res que hi hagi el famós medalló que té tots els números per ser un Horcrux...

- No es veu com els Cavallers de la mort són detinguts després de la batalla al ministeri. (una altra cosa que s'hauran d'espavilar a explicar a la sisena... :roll: )

- Es veu com la Bellatrix i companyia es fuguen d' Azkaban (una cosa que al llibre no es veu i va i aquí la posen xDD)

- No es veu l'atac a la McGonagall.

- En James té el cabell ros/marronós, no fosc com en Harry (oleee oleee sort que en Harry era clavat al seu pare xD)

- No es veuen els alumnes fent els examens finals, es veu l'Umbridge parlant sobre ells i prou (per tan en Harry no pot tenir la visió final a mig examen.... :roll: )

- No s'explica en cap moment que en Sirius i la Bellatrix fossin cosins ni perquè el nom d'en Sirius va ser esborrat de l'arbre genealògic de la familia Black.

- No surt el retrat de la simpàtica i amable mare d'en Sirius :lol: :lol:

I finalment....

En Sirius no dona el mirall a en Harry....però no se suposa que aquest mirall serà important al setè llibre?? Què faran? Que en Harry se'l trobi per casualitat passejant pel carrer? :roll:

Ah i pel que fa al tema de la profecia...he llegit una crítica diferent de la que vaig penjar ahir que diu que es trenca davant de tots però que només la sent en Harry... :?
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Entrada Autor: Aralforn »

Padfoot ha escrit:Diu que la gent que no s'ha llegit el llibre pot ser que no entenguin massa la mort d'en mare què deuen haver fet xD
Ai, ai, a mi és el tros que em fa més por. Si els qui vam llegir el llibre seguim pensant que era una escena rarota i poc creïble per com estava escrita i es van muntar munts de debats sobre la veracitat dels fets que hi explicaven... Imagina't el que es pot muntar si a la pel·li no surt ben explicat!
Padfoot ha escrit:
- The death is well acted and well shot
"La mort és ben interpretada pel repartiment i ben rodada."

Buf... Vejam a què es referiran exactament. Misteri, emoció...


"L'etern aprenent d'aventurer sota un cel d'acer"